Beaumont Leys

August 2021 New Term Information - Year 8

Dear Parents and Carers

Following on from my letter at the end of term I am writing to update you on start of term arrangements.  No further government guidance has been issued, so the information I shared in July still stands.  If government guidance changes then I will write to you again.

Before that though I want to share with parents that we had our results day today for last year’s Year 11 and it was a joy.  Staff and students worked so hard together to make sure students did not miss out after the last two years and we spent this morning with very happy, proud young people ready to take their next steps. 

However, onto more logistical things:


We are setting up testing and so students will be receiving an appointment for their test soon.  They will have two tests in school – test 1 will be before they return to school – so they will arrive at Great Meadow Road gate for their test at their test time, get tested and leave.  Test 2 will be when they are back at school and we will collect them from and return them to lessons, providing they are negative.  After that we will issue home test kits.

Year 7 parents can come with their child if you wish as your children do not know us yet.  Other year groups should come onto school site alone, but parents who normally bring their children to school can wait at the gate for them if you would wish.


Students do not have to wear masks, but they may if they choose.

Safety Measures:

As I said before the summer, bubbles, zones, separate gates, breaks and start times will come to an end, along with seating in rows only and bans on group work.  However we will continue to keep windows open to manage air flow and students will continue to sanitise on the way into and out of lessons.  In computer rooms students will be asked to sanitise their keyboard before use as an extra precaution.

The rest of this letter is the same as I sent before the break.

Start dates:

To allow us to test all year groups before they come back, and to allow Year 7 to have an Induction Day we will be staggering start dates and giving each year a test date as follows:

Monday 23rd August                      Teacher Training Day as planned.  Students will not be at school.

Tuesday 24th August                      Year 8 not in school – Year 7 testing

Wednesday 25th August               Year 8 not in school – Year 10 & 11 testing

Thursday 26th August                    Year 8 come in for testing with appointments and leave straight after.

Friday 27th August                          Year 8 start school at 8:40 and then come every day from then on.

Wednesday 1st September         Year 8 will have their second test – we will collect them from and return them to lessons.

School times:

All students will be in school 8:40-3:00 as we do not have to stagger start times any more.

School gates:

All students will be able to use any of our entrance gates from when they start properly, but for testing they need to arrive and leave via the Great Meadow Road gate only.  From the new term we are only allowing students on bikes to enter and leave by the Great Meadow Road gate. 


Following a survey with students we have moved to a four lesson day.  Students need to bring their own equipment to school each day: school bag, pencil case, pen, pencil, ruler, eraser and highlighter.  PLEASE let us know by emailing if there is a problem getting these things and we will help.  PLEASE DO NOT just send your child on the first day unprepared.

Social Times:

Following a survey with students we have moved to shared social time but not everyone out at once to reduce queuing and congestion.  We have also made changes to how we use the building at social time because lessons will be happening during some year groups’ social times now. Our new rules are:

Year 7 – break will be served in the PE Hub and students will go outside to play and chat for their break time.  Lunch will be served in the Dining Room and then Year 7 will go outside to play and chat.  Year 7 social area will be the front field by the school garden.

Year 8 and 10 – will have break after lesson 2 and lunch after lesson 3.

Year 7, 9 and 11 will have break after lesson 1 and lunch after lesson 2.

During social time students are allowed on the back field or in the Dining Room.  Students who wish to remain inside can use the Dining Room to eat or the Ground Floor Hubs only.  Students will not be allowed on the first or second floors during social time.  Students will not be allowed in the main corridor or wings during social time.  Therefore students who wish to come in must enter by the outside door closest to the hub they wish to use or the toilet they need to use and leave from the same door.  The rule for being inside will be that if you are in you are settled and seated, or else students will have to stay outside.  Arrangements will be made for students who need quiet spaces and all current inclusion arrangements will continue.

Before school and after school:

We will be able to re-open Breakfast Club from Tuesday 31st August. To fit with the new rules on where students can be during social time students using Breakfast Club must enter and leave through the Dining Room doors.  They can buy and eat food or go to the library.  Breakfast Club will be open from 8:10 to 8:35. At Breakfast Club students will be able to buy food, buy stationery and sort uniform.  At 8:35 students will leave via outside in order to ‘arrive for lessons’ on time.  Year 10 and 11 students will enter via Student Reception as they used to do before Covid.  Year 9 students will line up on the basketball courts.  Year 8 students will line up by the back field PE door.  Year 7 students will line up in the quad. At the start of term staff will be outside to support and direct.

Gates will open at 8:10 so students should not arrive before then.  Students should be at school by 8:35 as we want them to be sitting in their lessons at 8:40 to start learning.

After school students who do not have an organised activity will leave straight away.  Those students with an activity will go to that, including Homework Club.  Students who wish to stay and do their homework quietly can do so on the Inclusion landing.  Students who are doing homework must leave by 4:30 unless they are staying with a member of staff as a pre-arranged plan.


We have made a couple of tweaks to our uniform policy.  We have made the shoes rule clearer following some feedback from parents.  We will not be allowing ‘fashion socks’ so only ankle socks or tights.  We would like to remind you that we have never allowed non-natural coloured hair or piercings so please do not send your child back with a piercing they claim not to be able to remove as we will send them home to remove it.  Uniform guidance is on our website and can be accessed here:

Money on lanyards:

Money can be put on online and this is the best way as the money loader machines are often heavily used.  Students who want to put money on at the machines can do so at break, lunch or before or after school.


If you have any questions over the remainder of the holiday please get in touch. The phones are being answered from 8-4 each day and the email is in use also.

Yours sincerely,

Dawn Parkinson