Beaumont Leys

Futures Careers Convention 2021

5th October 2021

Yesterday evening we hosted our 12th Annual Futures Careers Convention.  After going “virtual” the previous year it was fantastic to invite students (and their parents/carers) into the school to start explore their options for their Post-16 journey. 

Over 20 providers were present – Further Education Colleges, Universities and Sixth Forms as well as a range of independent training providers and local employers.  Something for everyone!

With a timed entry and a one-way system, students had plenty of time to speak with all of the providers and had a fabulous opportunity to expand their knowledge of options available to them beyond BLS.

Many thanks to all of the providers who attended and for the valuable information and advice they offered to our students and their parents.

After the event both students and parents felt that the Convention allowed them to fully consider the options available to them and make plans for attending College Open Days over the coming months, before completing their PS@16 applications by Christmas.

Feedback from Providers:

“Great attitude from students”

“Very warm welcome from some fantastic Year 8 students – very polite and helpful!”

“Students had a really good idea of what they would like to study and asked some excellent questions.”

Feedback from students and parents/carers:

 “The most useful thing about the event was finding out about courses that I didn’t know were available”

“I feel much better informed and secure about my son’s future.”

“I think the most important thing I learnt was that the choice is mine and I can go into any area I want to.”

Our fantastic Year 8 helpers:

Our Year 11’s really are stars!

It was lovely to welcome back several ex-students, who had come back to represent the colleges where they are now studying:

As well as colleges, it was great to have a range of other career options represented, such as the Police and RAF: