Beaumont Leys

Your Educational Allowance and how to claim it

This exciting and useful initiative to help your child progress in lessons and ensure they are better able to take advantage of opportunities was launched back in 2014

We have created an account for all students eligible for the Pupil Premium funding which they can spend on a range of activities or equipment both inside and outside of school. We hope that this will help them to access a wider range of experiences and opportunities in their learning.

KS3 students receive an allowance of £30.

KS4 students receive an allowance of £50.

Students can spend this allowance on equipment, activities or trips both in and out of school. The allowance is not to be used to purchase uniform items.

Opportunities may arise during the school year that the allowance could be used for or towards and our Pupil Premium Champion is happy to discuss these with students individually.

To access the money students need to complete one of the orange order request forms and hand it in at student reception. These will be assessed for suitability before being ordered.

Orange order request forms are available from Student reception, Heads of Years and the Pupil Premium Champion.

Click here to view the letter to parents (KS3) (PDF)

Click here to view the letter to parents (KS4) (PDF)

Click here to download the order form (PDF)