Beaumont Leys

Year 6 Transition

** New Year 7 Guide to BLS **

School Tour for New Year 7's

Below is a video taking you around our school and letting you see what to expect when you arrive in August!

We wish you a warm welcome to Beaumont Leys School.

We are delighted that you have accepted your place at our school. Moving from Primary to Secondary School is a big step and we want to make the transition process a pleasurable experience for each and every one of our new students.

You may have older siblings here or you may be the first member of your family to attend Beaumont Leys School; we are sure you will have lots of questions. We have put together a video of information to help you become familiar and answer some of your questions. We are keen that you know about:

  • Which members of staff you might see and hear from.
  • What the school’s values and key messages are.
  • How the school will help you achieve your dreams and aspirations.
  • What your learning environment looks like and curriculum information e.g. timetable.
  • What we expect from students: attendance, punctuality, behavior, uniform, equipment.
  • What opportunities you will have to help you learn and develop new skills.
  • When induction will be taking place.

You will find a whole host of information about Beaumont Leys School that will prove useful, not just during Year 7, but throughout your 5 year journey with us. If you have any queries in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us on:

We look forward to meeting you in August.

Have a great summer!


Summer Holiday Activities

We believe it is important for students to become familiar with some of the learning they will experience when they start at Beaumont Leys School. To support this, we have put together a pack of fun activities for your child to complete during summer holiday. 

Please find linked below, the PDF activity packs:

English Summer Work PDF icon

English Summer Work - The Week Magazine PDF icon

Maths Summer Work PDF icon

Science Summer Work PDF icon


Note for Parents/Carers:

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