Beaumont Leys

Year 7 Information Event 2021

Dear Parents/Carers of Year 7 Students,

It has been a lovely start to the year and I am pleased to say that our new Year 7 students are settling in really well.  I appreciate that having a child start secondary school can be a bit nerve racking if you haven’t done it before but I hope that this new start has gone smoothly and we have been able to support you with any concerns.

Y7 Information Event Launch

Our Year 7 (virtual) Information Event is now live. All information you will need is in the video below. This video will help you understand a little bit more about how our school works as well as providing an opportunity for you to ‘meet’ some key members of staff. Our school benefits enormously from positive relationships with parents and we much appreciate the support so many of you give us with our work with your young people. We hope this video below will give you more information about other ways we can work together.